Hello I am Yaniv Cahoua, illustrator and motion designer.

Welcome to my website!


Cartoony Character Dump




Line Up Faces



Quick Master Study



Here are some figure and portrait paintings I did a while ago.

3 1

1 2





Nexus Tactics: Canceled

This is a game I developed last year, but I found out it was too complex and also I got fed with PlayMaker for unity and many more excuses so I stoppped working on it. I feel quite bad about it because it was a big project and I worked a lot, and I quite like the idea. (More about it)

So I decided to bring it out, and show it around to get some feed back at least. Maybe resume working on it I don’t know, I am onto something cool right now, I will talk about it soon.

So please try it and leave a comment with your inputs.
There is a tutorial an AI mode to try:
The tutorial is quite buggy but the AI mode should be working quite fine.

Anyway I am interested in any kind of feedback, but what would help me a lot though, is understanding how the game is perceived and understood for a first time user. Because to me the game seems really simple and obvious, but the few friend that have tested it seemed to have a hard time understanding it.

Since Google doesn’t support 3rd party plugins anymore you will have to play in firefox or other  browser.




THIEF my first (HTML5) Game

Earlier this year I developed a simple HTML5 game with Phaser.io.
It is a stealth game where you just have to hide into the doors to avoid being caught by the guards.
The goal is to get the further you can and collect coins.
The game is optimized for mobile devices, here is the link.
Or you can play it in the browser as well:

Please tel me what you think about it in the comments, below, or on twitter
See you soon.

New Animation

My last piece.

It started as a workflow exercise, taking inspiration from a speed painting I enjoyed in the Daily Spit Paint Facebook Group.


I was happy with he result  so I decided to animate it :